About AviaGlobal Group

From product and market development to business, technical and operational analysis, AviaGlobal Group provides unique and comprehensive expertise to the aerospace industry.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with track records including engineering, sales and marketing, M&A, business & operational development, and corporate level executive insight.

We leverage and integrate our professional networks and knowledge bases, providing added value and depth as needed for solutions to client challenges.

AviaGlobal Group can help your company evolve as the world of drones and urban mobility fuses with conventional aviation to meet new mission needs.

What we offer

We help you build your business & technical roadmaps, we help you communicate your business to potential clients, we help you to define your organic and expansion-oriented growth plans.

In short, we help you define and execute your business strategy.  And we can give you a hand when you’re short-handed!



Agile & Responsive


Unlike many consulting organizations, we do not simply arrive with answers in hand; we work with you to craft the business strategy that is right for you.  For us, every client is a new and unique challenge.


Experienced in Aerospace


Our principals are highly-qualified, educated and skilled, bringing jointly decades of aerospace industry to bear. We are unique in the sense that our problem-solving approaches are crafted based on this industry experience.  Whether we are helping you craft your market plan or developing web and communication services, we do so  with our industry experience in mind.


We focus on your needs


Our objective is to offer good value for money, by developing tailored solutions to each client’s problems and challenges.  One size does not fit all !



The AviaGlobal Group delivers consulting solutions that range from product and market development to business and operational analysis focused on the aerospace industry. The AviaGlobal Group principals, a multi-disciplinary team of seasoned industry professionals located in prime aerospace areas of USA and Europe, offer backgrounds in engineering, marketing, M&A and operations, as well as C-suite level experience.