Business Strategic Analysis

Business Strategic Analysis


All too often, you are lacking the resources to apply to a new project, or perhaps the arms-length analysis that you need to evaluate a new business venture – these AviaGlobal Group services will enable your business success.

And we accomplish this with uniquely aerospace-oriented experience and with an aerospace industry point of view.

AviaGlobal Group provides businesses with support in proposal development, where your staff are occupied with revenue-generating projects.  In addition, it is often an advantage to have external objective views of new business opportunities.  We can help you in this as well.

Our key services include:

  • Proposal development
  • Opportunity evaluation
  • Strategic business planning
  • Access to extensive network of experts
  • Innovation Roundtable™ for internal development & organic growth

Innovation Roundtable™

One area that is often overlooked is the pool of talent already within your organization that can, if properly directed, help you in evolving your business strategy.  AviaGlobal Group’s “Innovation Roundtable” on-site seminars can help your organization discover and develop product ideas from your own hidden talent pool.

Business Strategy Toolkit

We offer decision point structure creation and execution, product business case support, and we provide guidance enabling effective program management & product development structures, all designed to support your business growth objectives.

Program Launch Support

AviaGlobal Group’s breadth of experience can also help clarify Bid / No Bid decision-making. Whatever the task, AviaGlobal Group can tailor a program or new product launch to suit your unique requirements

In summary, if you need engineering or business resources, call on AviaGlobal Group !