Business Development Support

Business Development Support


Market research, product line analysis and the creation of a marketing plan – these AviaGlobal Group services will enable your business success.

And we accomplish this with uniquely aerospace-oriented experience and with an aerospace industry point of view.

AviaGlobal Group provides businesses with all levels marketing services including strategy consultations, analysis of the enterprise, product and service offer match to market demands, and competitive analyses. With our depth and breadth of expertise you will understand how to resolve  product strategy questions, how to find the right solutions to improve your market positioning, and how to be sure that your marketing communications tools and strategies support continued successful and profitable business.

Our key services include:

  • Market analysis, company representation & relationship Building
  • Business development, sales & marketing presence, expanding reach, footprint
  • Worldwide access to industry activities and forums
  • Your eyes, ears and interests at conferences, events and briefings
  • RTCA / EUROCAE / SAE / AEA standards entities access
  • Proprietary fleet, Part145, STC and key contact databases

A good aerospace-centric marketing plan is crucial to successful business development in our industry. AviaGlobal Group’s marketing services include market research, analysis and creation of a marketing plan, with the objective of directing your business development and market capture, and to achieve a better understanding of the goods and services that are more suited to your market.¬† We will show you how to decrease your marketing expenses, by using effective communication channels and strategic product and service market targeting.