Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

With a global presence, AviaGlobal Group is uniquely able to provide customized programs and support to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Long-Term Services


AviaGlobal Group can provide ongoing representation of your interests as members on your behalf at industry committee activities, conventions and meetings or as your customer-facing presence with established or prospective customers


Project-Based Services


Let AviaGlobal Group support you on periodic or project-based basis.  Whether as support for the development of a proposal, analysis of a business opportunity or the evaluation of a new product consideration, AviaGlobal Group can support your needs on-site or virtually. 


Product-Based Services


Wondering how to launch or reinvigorate a new product?  AviaGlobal Group can provide assistance with roadmap development through product launch planning.




AviaGlobal Group Innovation Roundtable™ is structured team-building program to help your organization discover ideas and product opportunities within the talent of your organization.  Bringing members of your organization together to present new product ideas in a supportive, collaborative environment can help you uncover new ideas from a broad range of disciplines.  Tap into the “Ah Ha!” network that could reveal a new product, feature or direction that can feed your product and service pipeline.  AviaGlobal Group Innovation Roundtable™ provides a unique environment for your staff to present, discuss, evaluate and, maybe, discover the “next big thing”!