What We Do

From product and market development to business, technical and operational analysis, AviaGlobal Group provides unique and comprehensive expertise to the aerospace industry.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with track records including engineering, sales and marketing, M&A, business & operational development, and corporate level executive insight.

We leverage and integrate our professional networks and knowledge bases, providing added value and depth as needed for solutions to client challenges.

AviaGlobal Group can help your company evolve as the world of drones and urban mobility fuses with conventional aviation to meet new mission needs.

We help you build your business & technical roadmaps, and help you execute your strategy.

Innovation Roundtables

AviaGlobal Group’s “Innovation Roundtable” on-site seminars can help your organization discover and develop product ideas from your own hidden talent pool.

Business Strategy Toolkit

We offer decision point structure creation and execution, product business case support, and we provide guidance enabling effective program management & product development structures, all designed to support your business growth objectives.

Program Launch Support

AviaGlobal Group’s breadth of experience can also help clarify Bid / No Bid decision-making. Whatever the task, AviaGlobal Group can tailor a program or new product launch to suit your unique requirements